Robin Childers
I have been chosen for the Visiting Artist Program at the Torpedo Factory.
My studios will be as follow:
June 1 - 30 studio 301
August 1 - 31 studio 333.

I have included some information about the program and its goals.

The goal of the Visiting Artist Program is to expose The Torpedo Facotry art Center's visitors and patrons to a rotating group of accommplished artists... providing artisans and the public a unique opportunity to interact, explore, and exchange ideas. The visiting artists will be working in studios throughout the 76,000 square foot art center and will be actively invloved in art enrichment events throughout the summer months in which they will demonstrate and lecture about their work.

This year's juror was noted curator and gallery director, Jack Rasmussen of the Ketzen Art Center at American Univeristy in Washington DC.

Sound of It

Garage Gallery
Date: Friday, April 10, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

4141 Alabama Street, #4
San Diego, CA

This exhibit will happen in pitch darkness. Artists who are exploring the dimensions of sound/art; in the manner of John Cage. Please bring own chair. Performance will start and door will be closed during the sound pieces. An intermission will take place between for 1/2 hour.

Timothy Gaewsky
Seth Cluett -
Mark Eden
Robert Fraher
Amy E. Day
Tania Kupczak
Neil Matthiessen
Travis Janssen
Robin Childers
The Sound of It

This sound-art concert occurs in a pitch-black room, with artists Timothy Gaewsky, Seth Cluett, Mark Eden, Robert Fraher and others performing pieces inspired by John Cage. Bring your own chair.

Garage Gallery
Friday, April 10, 2009 - Fri
4141 Alabama St.
San Diego, California
Twelve People in a Dark Garage, Listening...
April 15, 2009
by Richard Gleaves

... to sound art, which though technically not music can't help being so, given how music reigns as the supreme art form of electronic-age humanity.

Drawing from a national call for submissions, Garage Gallery (aka Larry Caveney) recently curated a high-quality one-hour set which played straight through in the darkened BYO chair garage space.

The eight works presented hit various points on the sound-to-music spectrum, depending on one's ears: the musicians in attendance said they heard everything as music.

That the musicians were there is due to the cryptic sagacity of CityBeat, which chose to list Garage's art show announcement as a music event. Wise move: the musicians were stoked, and said they'd be back.

Garage needs to consider doing this annually; otherwise, aside from the occasional Céleste Boursier-Mougenot or wind chime, the closest we get to sound art is SoundWalk, and that's up in Long Beach.

More, please!

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